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Frozen Food Transportation

Frozen food transportation isn’t an easy job since the primary focus is on food safety and you need to keep the temperatures just right while also monitoring in-transit temperature. If you are looking for a reliable frozen freight company, then you’ve come to the right place. At LTL Pros, Inc., we take pride in providing best refrigerated food transport services as we take special care of your frozen freight, keeping it as fresh as a daisy.

LTL Pros, Inc. is a leader in Frozen truck delivery services across the nation. Whether its temperature-controlled transport (TCL) or refrigerated less-than-truckload (LTL), we make sure that your frozen freight is delivered timely while making no compromise on food quality and safety.

All your frozen food, and other delicate items will be handled in the state of the art refrigerated equipment, by professional and experienced drivers. For frozen freight services, we use latest technology to provide consistent and timely delivery performance, along with superior customer service. We make sure that your frozen products are transported with the same care you took in producing them.

As a premium refrigerated transportation carrier, LTL Pros, Inc. offers local, regional, and nationwide Refrigerated Trucking and Refrigerated LTL services. If you are searching for a frozen LTL service that can handle cross-state or cross-country transportation, you only need to make one call. Whether you need to move ice-cream from New York to Texas or fruits from California to Florida, LTL Pros, Inc. are your coast to coast frozen LTL carriers.

What makes Frozen Food transportation different?

The kind of trailer, truck, and even the route can be determined by the quantity and type of cargo you need to be shipped. Your freight may need internal refrigeration, separation from other cargo based on the temperature variations, and the time of year along with the route might require extra steps to make sure that your cargo is in mint condition. 

Why choose LTL Pros, Inc.’ Frozen Freight service?

Our trained and professional staff will guide you with the ideal driver, truck, trailer, and route to make the delivery of all your goods more efficient. We use various route optimization software that considers the road, grade, traffic, tolls, scales, and many other factors before finalizing a route. By avoiding certain hills, roads, frequently backed-up intersections, or by moving at the right time of the day can cause the total time-to-deliver to be shortened, while the per-mile expense can also be decreased and the security of the cargo would increase.


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